The Talent is Real




Located in Santa Monica Canyon, Canyon Charter School has the most talented kids in all of Los Angeles. 

Photos courtesy of some people who were there.

As such, The 4th annual Canyon Talent Show will blow your mind! After just 4 weeks of rehearsal, you will be amazed at what these young performers can accomplish.

Thanks to the support of a dedicated staff of crazy stage moms, these awesome kids will take the stage for one night and one night only... and you won't want to miss it!


click here to audition  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090d4aa8aa23aa8-canyon



Wednesday Jan, 11th 2017

3:15pm in the Auditorium

Please come to the audition with a Song, Dance, Musical Piece or Act prepared. 

Dates & Guidelines


ALL PERFORMERS must be available to rehearse. Most acts should expect to be called to rehearse 2-3 times (on the above dates) with the exception of previously prepared piano or other instrumental pieces (usually 1-2 times).

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT REHEARSALS: in order to participate in the show, your child must attend both the regular rehearsals and the technical and dress rehearsals.

- Due to time constraints, there may be a time limit placed on acts.
- Due to space limitations, Group Acts can have no more than 4 performers. 

Other Important Guidelines

  • We kindly ask that parents do not attend the auditions.
  • Rehearsals are closed to both non-performing kids and parents. 
  • Performers who are not rehearsing that day can not stay and watch.
  • Per school policy, if your child is absent they can not rehearse that day.
  • With so many acts and so little time, we are not able to accommodate specific requests for rehearsal times.
  • Please provide your child with a snack; they will have 15 minutes after dismissal to fuel up at the lunch tables before the 3:15pm rehearsal start time.


Meet our director. We are so grateful to have Jill Hobert directing our show again this year. Jill is a former Canyon mom and mother of four talented kids, and she has graciously volunteered her time to direct this year's show. Jill is passionate about theater and understands what needs to get done in front of and behind the curtain. She is wonderful to work with and has a knack for bringing out the best in our young performers. 
We can't wait to work with your talented kids and thank you for your support! -Bonnie Lehrhoff

Call List

Friday, January 13th 3:15pm-5:15pm

ex. Canyon Kid - dance

ex. Canyon Kid, Canyon Kid, Canyon Kid - group

ex. Canyon Kid - solo

ex. Canyon Kid, Canyon Kid - group duo

ex. Canyon Kid - guitar

ex. Canyon Kid - comedy


Please eat a snack before entering auditorium. Be quiet and respectful while other acts are rehearsing. We don't know rehearsal order yet. If you are in a group act and one of your members is absent or can't make it, let us know asap. You may bring your homework or book into auditorium and work quietly.


Contact Bonnie Lehrhoff if you have any questions  blehrhoff@mac.com

Canyon Talent Show Call for Volunteers

We are always looking for help with the show. There is a lot to get done in 4 weeks! If you want to support the show by volunteering check out our Sign Up Genius to Volunteer for the jobs described below. 

Audition Day Kid Handlers (2)
- sit outside auditions with clipboard and times and keep order as kids are brought in in small groups
- keep kids and parents out of auditorium

Talent Show Shadow(s)
If you are interested in running or directing future talent shows... you can shadow our producer or director this season and get a handle on the process 

Set Designers (1 or 2)
- create backdrop for stage and any additional design needs
- create signage for ticket sales, bake sale, flowers, any additional signage
- completed set design to go up on Friday, February 3rd  
- may recurit student helpers

Tech Week Cast Attendants (2 each day - can be same people)
- give out show order numbers to cast
- assist with line up
- kid wrangling in auditorium while we run through technical rehearsal Tuesday
- kid wrangling in auditiorium while we run through dress rehearsal on Wednesday

Show Day Set Up Coordinator
1 person to oversee entire set up for final performance on February 10th

Greenroom Set Up Volunteers (3)
- get fencing/black fabric from whale to enclose lunch tables
- can use brown folding picnic tables along auditorium door corridor
- place tables for ticketing bake sale/flowers, table clothes
- place signage for will call, door sales, flowers, etc.

Auditorium Set Up (2) 
- set up folding chairs, mark reserved 

Ticket Table Volunteers (2 per shift)
-  will call (online) ticket pick up and new door ticket sales

Door Guards (1 or 2 per shift)
- door guards keep doors shut between acts, take care of any funny business

Seat Ushers (2 per shift)
- check tickets, direct guests to reserved rows or general admission seating
- kids may sit in empty spots on floor behind roped off cast seating area

Performance Day Cast Attendants (2 or 3 - can be same as rehearsals)
- assist with cast line up
- keep cast in and non cast/crew out
- support talent show staff night of show
- serve pizza/water/snacks to kids between shows then assist with 2nd line up

Concession Stand Sales (2)
-sell snacks and popcorn to guests


Contact Bonnie Lehrhoff if you have any questions about the show blehrhoff@mac.com